Kevin is a gifted teacher who makes learning piano exciting. He is organized and professional. He knows what he is doing!
You are my favorite teacher in all my classes! I have learned so much about piano this year. Thank for being patient and understanding.
Kevin is a great music teacher. He is really patient during lessons and he spends time to work at the individual student’s pace. If he recognizes the student’s talents, he will talk to parents and encourage student to advance to the level that student can achieve. My son has been having lessons with Kevin for almost two years. Within one year, my son learned and progressed so much.
Kevin is an amazing teacher. I am an adult student who had never taken piano lessons as a child, so I started at square one. Kevin takes time to get to know his students, their skills, interests, and their goals, and he approaches lessons from that perspective. Kevin’s teaching style is relaxed, but he definitely has student goals clearly set out. He is very methodical and structured in achieving goals for his students and he leads us to success with enthusiasm, encouragement, and compassion. He consistently builds on skills we learn through technique and practice as we move through the material. Kevin uses many examples, styles, and varieties of music that keeps the student engaged, interested, and wanting to learn more. He is patient and creative in explaining some of the more difficult concepts of music. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the music world and he has a unique way of sharing that knowledge with his students I have been with Kevin for more than 5 years and I will continue with him indefinitely. I had a lot of anxiety about learning piano when I started lessons but Kevin showed me ways of overcoming the anxiety through different techniques at the piano, and now playing the piano is a pleasure. I look forward to every lesson with Kevin!
Adult Student, Piano Teacher
I’m an adult student who has been taking lessons for over 5 years. He has helped me grow by leaps and bounds. He is exceptionally good at breaking things down and engaging you through well thought out illustrations that are common in every day life. He is encouraging and patient. He is knowledgeable not just about piano music but music history and all things music and is able to relate much of this in a lesson that is very beneficial. I was a returning student when I started with him as I had years of lessons before, but he took me where I was at and was able to move me along past my hurdles. I am so grateful that I found him as a teacher. I look forward to more growth.
Adult Student, History Teacher
I’m very grateful for having Kevin as the first piano teacher to introduce the delight of playing music to my son at his early age. He is very patient. My son enjoys the time with him and said he wants to be a piano teacher when he grows up. Thank you, Kevin.
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